Qintool Privacy Policy

Version 1.0 (June 9th, 2020)

Qintool itself does not collect any data from any users. It merely requests and displays data from APIs and only some data are cached locally for better loading speed. However, some anonymous information about your device might be collected by Google Play Store, App Store (if opted-in) or Microsoft Store and be presented to the developer team for analytics.


版本 1.0 (2020-6-9)

小秦助手本身不收集任何用户数据。它只请求和显示来自api的数据,并且只有一些数据被缓存在本地以获得更好的加载速度。但是,有关您设备的一些匿名信息可能会被Google Play Store、App Store(如果选择加入)或Microsoft Store收集,并提交给开发团队进行分析。